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Serac - 03 -Primary and secondary packaging, processing machines

12 route de Mamers - BP 46
72402 La Ferté Bernard

Press releases

  • Serac - RB-New design

    13 November 2018

    The redesign of Serac’s best-selling filler capper aimed at providing improved performance while reducing the total cost of ownership for the end-user. Improvements include faster manufacturing and on-site installation, increased compactness for a higher productivity per square meter, as well as easier operating, cleaning, changeovers and maintenance for a higher OEE.

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  • The Serac cup filler, now equipped with the Modulo nozzle

    13 November 2018

    Known for supplying complete cup filling lines to the dairy market, Serac now capitalizes on its dosing know-how and offers now a new Modulo nozzle. This revolutionary concept does not require disassemble of the full nozzle when switching from one product to another. The Modulo nozzle consists of a fixed part and several heads that are selected according to theproduct’s texture and changed very easily. Combined with the dosing range (from 5 to 1000 ml) and accuracy of the Neo machines, the Modulo nozzle is the ultimate tool to manage a wide array of recipes on a single machine.

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