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Schur Star Systems

Schur Star Systems - 02 - Packaging and containers (all types)

Liebigstr. 7
24941 Flensburg Schleswig-Holstein

Press releases

  • Introducing the Schur®Star Piping Bag for Foie Gras Mousse: Sophistication and simplicity in perfect unity

    21 November 2018

    Differentiation through added value When Spain’s prime producer of luxurious delicatessen looked for a way to differentiate their new product line through added value, their eyes fell on the Schur®Star Concept. The perfect combination – simplicity of concept together with a creative bag construction - easily convinced them to go for a Schur®Star solution.

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  • High convenience solution from Patatas Hijolusa in Schur®Star Microwavable Bag

    21 November 2018

    Schur®Star - High convenience in every respect With an increasingly hectic lifestyle, today’s consumer prefers products that are easy to bring home, easy to handle, and easy to prepare. In line with this trend, Schur®Star Systems is providing the market with a practical microwavable bag solution. When home, having prepared the potatoes directly in the microwave for only 7 minutes, the consumer easily opens the bag by the incorporated laser score, and the healthy prepared potatoes are ready to enjoy.

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