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Pack Up

Pack Up - 02 - Packaging and containers (all types)

181, rue des Tilleuls
38960 Saint Etienne de Crossey


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Press release

  • PACK UP presents its sustainable packaging solutions

    21 November 2018

    Founded in 2000, Pack UP, now established near Grenoble (France), is a major player in multi-material technical packaging. In 2009, the company's growth led to the creation of Pack UP Group, which expanded by opening a production site in Cergy-Pontoise in the Paris region and then in 2017 at the international level in Casablanca (Maroc) with its subsidiary Pack UPMO, and soon the opening of a commercial subsidiary in Bordeaux (France). An implementation strategy that allows it to collaborate with many major references such as Thales, Schneider, Safran or Renault. Specialists in the design and manufacture of customized multi-material technical packaging, Pack UP intervenes in the protection of products from all sectors of activity (industry, building, leisure ...). It combines technical foaming type materials (PE, PU, PER) to all types of containers such as cardboard boxes, wooden cases, pallets, suitcases, flight cases, containers, etc. With its integrated design office, UP Pack designs its packaging solutions with an approved procedure and in accordance with customer specifications. Always in search of innovation, the research & development department studies customized solutions that can meet the requirements of packaging, storage and transport according to current economic and ecological constraints. Pack UP is committed to providing an appropriate response to the "quality" requirements of its customers and to make a real difference by becoming more involved in sustainable development. Indeed, to meet the environmental challenges, particularly related to the use of single-use plastic, Pack UP packaging solutions are focused on eco-design promoting recyclable or revalorizable packaging and allowing the lightening of products and the reduction of their volume. Building on its partnership with Sealed Air, a global leader in product protection, Pack UP is able to offer packaging solutions to reduce the impact of our business: - Stratocell R® : Laminated polyethylene foam with a minimum of 55% recycled pre-consumed external foam and a minimum of 10% recycled internal foam (scrap and waste). The flexibility of the Stratocell® material makes it possible to create designs with stretch joints that adapt to different sizes. Its antistatic properties are ideal for designs and other packaging solutions for fragile electronics. Using high-precision cutting techniques, Pack Up can create articulated designs that are shipped flat and then fold out to fit the shape of the product perfectly. - Ethafoam Synergy® : Polyethylene foam with fine cells and low abrasion that allows to obtain a homogeneous material, smooth and pleasant to the touch. Simple machining with water jet cutting, press or milling, outstanding damping performance and high-quality scratch protection. Ethafoam® Synergy® is a non-cross-linked, odorless foam made from polyethylene resin, so it is 100% RECYCLABLE. - Ethafoam EcoPure TM (patent pending) : Derived from PE resin from renewable sugarcane waste, EcoPure TM polyethylene foam has the potential to generate a negative carbon footprint - sugarcane cultivation uses CO2 and releases O2 while providing cushioning and high quality protection equivalent to the current offers of PE foams. It can be produced in a hybrid version mixed with virgin or recycled PE, reducing carbon emissions by more than 50% compared to non-biosourced foam systems. Recyclable with other polyethylene foams, EcoPure TM is a durable, low abrasion solution for applications where commercial presentation and packaging performance are important. VISIT OUR STAND 7B054 FOR MORE INFORMATION

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