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Press releases

  • New biopalstics range produce with coproducts

    22 November 2018

    New bioplastic materials can currently be produced from wastes / byproducts coming from French industries. Apart from quite classical developments based on vegetal fibres such as wood, bamboo, miscanthus, hemp, … we are currently developing a range of new bioplastics from food industry wastes. We have been developing since two years bioplastics using cereal byproducst, algae, seashells, shells, pits, flowers, etc. These developments are driven on one hand from the industrials willingness to find new valorisation routes for their byproducts, so allowing to produce new plastics (biodegradable or not) coming from the circular economy, and on the other hand from the possibility to innovate from the design/aspect point of view and eventually to have a correlation between the byproduct used in the packaging and its content.

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