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Macchi Spa

Macchi Spa - 03 -Primary and secondary packaging, processing machines

Via Papa Paolo VI, 5
21040 Venegono Inferiore VA

Press releases

  • POD Sustainability

    21 November 2018

    Nowadays, the main concern about the state and the future of blown film equipment is connected with the raising request for the reduction of plastic wastes and higher sustainability of the packaging materials. In this respect, we are convinced that our 5 layers PolyOlefinDedicated technology (POD) represents a correct and all-encompassing answer to such requests, at the same time offering the industry a powerful tool to increase the margins and to stand out of the Competition. The possibility to use five layers instead of the typical three in blown film extrusion, in fact, by allowing for the use of pure resins in thinner, definite layers, provides higher levels of flexibility in designing the most suitable structure to guarantee the performances of the film. At the same time, it allows for a (sometimes) dramatic downgauging of the film itself, without reducing the properties required. So for example the switch to 5 layer POD technology has reduced the standard thickness of the collation shrink film for beverages from the old 50 – 60 µ to the current 35, a move which is clearly allowing to save resources, energy costs for instance in the shrinking process, and transport costs (which in turn means reducing the carbon footprint generated during the delivery process). Another even more striking example is the substitution of glass bottles by stand-up pouches: a comparison between 0.2 l stand up pouches vs 0.2 l glass bottles show clearly that, only in terms of weight/space occupancy, the same quantity of pouches which can be transported from the packaging supplier to the filling location by one truck require, when translated into glass bottles, up to 26 trucks. Also in this case the POD technology, together with the resins designed and developed by Dow Chemical, has brought to a downgauging of the film, from an industry standard of 90÷120 µ to an incredible 75 µ Moreover, the new formulation allows for the use of pure PE, which makes for a much easier recovery and recycling of the used package.

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