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LM Réalisations

LM Réalisations - 11 - Prepress, IT, software, services for printing

ZA des Platières - 95 chemin des Platières
38670 Chasse sur Rhône

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  • 21 November 2018

    LM Réalisations is a French designer and manufacturer ofprotection and mobile workstations used in industrial environments. Leader in computer mobility, LM Réalisations widens its range by offering the Mobirack with its new modular lithium case adapted to the industrial and logistic sectors for all types of use: receiving trolley, inventory, picking trolley... This steel workstation is handy, ergonomic, stable, robust, available in several sizes. Create your own trolley from the basic model: shelves, accessories and options will allow you to obtain a trolley adapted for your operators. The jerrycan system with its lithium batteries is very easy to use and always ready for use. One battery pack recharges while the other is in use. Lightweight, scalable and autonomous this will ensure you a continuous supply 24h/24 and 7d/7. It includes a LED display for battery charge status, automatic battery pack management. Two battery packs for system possible: 10A/h-250W/h or 20A/h - 500W/h + power pack with multi-voltage outputs from 5V to 24V banana connectors, and/or 230V AC (350W / 600W /1500W)

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