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Ixapack Global

Ixapack Global - 03 -Primary and secondary packaging, processing machines

Parc Economique de la Commanderie - Le Temple - BP 3
79700 Mauléon


Design & Manufacture of Cutting & Packaging Machines

2 Brands

Press releases

  • AUCOUTURIER will present its AF300 Flow Wrapper at ALL4PACK show.

    20 November 2018

    AUCOUTURIER, a brand of iXAPACK GLOBAL, will present its Flow Pack AF300 at ALL4PACK. The bagging machine is designed to wrap 3 welds, one longitudinal and two transverse, of all types of food products.According to the configuration of the products, the AUCOUTURIER bagging machine can reach a speed of up to 300 flow pack bags per minute. It can be accompanied by a robotized loading module to increase throughput. The AF300 exerts little strain on the products. This allows it to package fragile products such as biscuits. Many options are available for even more flexibility: automatic spool connection, marking, Zig-Zag knife, picking, no products / no bags, ...

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  • SELVEX presents its variable weight Cutting Module.

    20 November 2018

    SELVEX, a brand of iXAPACK GLOBAL company, specialized in the manufacture of complete lines dedicated to the cheese cutting, has developed a module dedicated to the variable weight cutting of products of type: pie, quiche, cake, cheese, pizza or pastry : the SCM Cuutting Module. It can process block or grinding wheel type products at up to 48 cuts per minute. It therefore offers the possibility to cut products by the shelf or by cutting. Equipped with a high precision ultrasonic blade, it can also cut frozen products. Completely designed in compliance with the hygiene standards of the food industry, it is possible to carry out a high-pressure cleaning of the entire module. It is very easy to use and operate, allowing quick format changes without tools. The SCM cutting module will be presented at ALL4PACK on booth 6L110.

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