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Controlpack Systems S.A.S

Controlpack Systems S.A.S - 03 -Primary and secondary packaging, processing machines

99 route d'Espagne - Bâtiment B
31100 Toulouse


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    21 November 2018

    CONTROLPACK WILL PRESENT ITS SPK STRETCH BANDING AND SHRINK WRAPPING MACHINES AND THE NEW GRACO INVISIPAC HOT MELT BOX SEALING SYSTEM All4Pack Paris takes place between 26 and 29 November and Controlpack will not miss the opportunity to mark its presence at one of the key international packaging exhibitions. On this occasion, it will focus on presenting its entire SPK range of shrink wrapping machines as well as one of the products for which it is exclusive distributor, the INVISIPAC hot melt box sealing system. Controlpack will present the SPK range of shrink wrapping machines. In order to enable us to offer products that suit the specific production needs of each client, and taking into account our track record of success to date, we have launched the SPK range, which consists of simple manual models, semi-automatic stations and fully automated high-output lines. Regardless of the nature of the product, the characteristics of the work space and the required production output, the SPK range is sure to feature a shrink wrapper that suits your specific needs. We will also show the public the Graco INVISIPAC hot melt box sealing system. Its only adhesive hot melt, tank-free box and package sealing system that is revolutionising its sector, guaranteeing reduced energy consumption, higher productivity and service life, as well as better adhesion and distribution of the product. Controlpack aims to strengthen its business relationships in France and we are already operating in the country. We are a company with more than 30 years of experience dedicated exclusively to the marketing of solutions for the optimisation of packaging processes. Our technical and sales department has extensive experience in numerous sectors, having carried out all kinds of tailor-made projects and studies for end-of-the-line cost saving. We will see you at All4Pack Paris. Stand 6 R 021 Obtain your free pass https://badge.all4pack.fr/accueil.

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