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    22 November 2018

    BERNHARDT’s STERI-LIQUID POUCH is the first 5L stand-up pouch designed for liquids that require sterilisation. Easy to use and empty with its top and bottom handles, it can withstand a 1.5h autoclave cycle, including 30 minutes at 121.4°C. Made of PA and medical-grade PP, it aims at replacing jerrycans and as such reducing by a factor of 10 the volume of waste that hospitals have to manage. The applications are wide and range from sterile water to dialysis solutions. Specific attention was given to the pouch’s mechanical resistance (it passes drop tests from a height of 1 meter). Less space for empty jerrycans means more space for things that matter and most of all for patients. We estimate the net annual gain for the largest hospitals at 135 cubic meters which is equivalent to saving 10 garbage truck rotations per hospital. Across France, Germany and the UK, this is comparable to saving the total annual garbage collection of a city of 100,000 inhabitants. - Composition: polyamide and medical-grade polypropylene - Weight reduction: Factor 2 - Volume reduction: Factor 10

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