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Archimbaud Palettes

Archimbaud Palettes - 01 - Primary materials, consumables, films for packaging

7 chemin de dare
79170 Secondigné-sur-Belle


France's largest pallets timber producer and leader in the manufacture of pallets, the Group Archimbaud is specialized in softwood sawmilling since 1984. Thanks to a vertical integration of the wood sector, the company holds dynamic and innovating production systems including 8 sawing lines and 9 nailing lines high rates, adjoining large forests of Western France. With 5 sites in France and abroad, the company benefits a dense network, ensuring timely delivery on your production sites. Putting its environmental responsibility at the heart of its business strategy, the Group Archimbaud recovers its related products and has a positive energy balance since now two years, thanks to a biomass electricity plant and close to 6 000 m2 of photovoltaic panels.


Customer target

  • Food
  • Consumer and household goods
  • Industrial goods
  • Semi-processed goods
  • Beverages & liquids
  • Cosmetics - Perfumery - Hygiene
  • Energy - Raw materials
  • Mass distribution - Retail brands
  • Printing
  • Pharmacy - Health
  • Luxury products
  • Transports - Logistics
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