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Alvey Samovie

Alvey Samovie - Food products preparation equipments for delicatessen and cured meats, poultry

Parc Technologique de Soye - Allée Copernic
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    20 November 2018

    Is your palletizing line too small to cost efficiently automate ? Do you suffer the lack of space at the end of your line ? Cobot Palletizer is the product for you ! Where is the trick ? Cobot Palletizer is mounted upon a vertical axis increasing its reach dramatically allowing palletising EUR/ISO palletes to any desired height. Production lines of up to 5 boxes/mn can be palletised. By utilising it, there is no need for the protective fence or any additional safety elements, reducing needed spare to bare 3 m². Application markets : - Health/Pharmacy - Food - Distribution Advantages : - Bring palletising to low capacity production lines - Reach an acceptable ROl for those lines - Realise palletising on a smallest footprint possible - Offer an out of the box palletizer, easy to set up - The most innovative point is the addition of 7th axis to the UR10 collaborative robot - This feature extends the UR10 reach substantially - The EasyPatt software interface significantly simplifies the pattern creation - Any type of pattern can be custom made and palletised.

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  • PAL 4.0

    20 November 2018

    High infeed layer palletizer providing increased flexibility in the variety of products that can be treated, in pattern generation, in accessibility, visibility and connectivity. This new palletizer has a complete new system to push the rows and layers through the Palletizer. Advantages : This new palletizer introduces ground-breaking improvements in the field of : - Pattern creation - Automatic movement adjusting - Accessibility and visibility - Safety integration - User interface and connectivity - Compactness

    Download : Press releases [FR]

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