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Alpma - 03 -Primary and secondary packaging, processing machines

ZI Sud - 5 rue Lavoisier
37130 Langeais


Present on the stand : Grunwald

Press release

  • Ultra-sonic cutter - ultra flexible

    21 November 2018

    It is possible to cut bars into por- tions or wedges as well as halved loaves into segments. Changing the format parts from the cutting of bars to the cutting of loaves is done within approx. 10 minutes.

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  • Modern and flexible dosing technology for increased sales

    21 November 2018

    To gain a final consumer it is nowadays no longer enough to pro-duce first-class products. In order to be successful, imaginative marketing and more and more costly packaging is necessary. And, last but not least, these imaginative ideas have to be put into prac-tice; i.e. they are the factors which catch the consumers eyes and make the products be seen on the supermarket shelves. The customers' choice creates the success in retail. The manufacturing company Grunwald GmbH has for many years dealt with the further development of dosing technology so that first-class products are accepted on the market by means of an appealing product presentation. The development of dosing technology which can be used flexibly according to the market requirements is of significant importance. Apart from pinpoint dosing accuracy, flexibility of the dosing tech-nology is the important factor allowing filling the most varied prod-ucts in different presentation images on one and the same cup fill-er. Additionally to the already known filling technology "put under fruit", further different dosing technologies are possible on demand on the rotary-type and cup filler. By combining these filling technol-ogies,which were particularly designed by Grunwald, the presenta-tion images "multi-layer, "side-by-side", "swirl" and even "topping" can be filled quickly and in a flexible way. This flexibility and the fast change-over times allow several product changes to be made. Product losses and machine downtime are reduced to a minimum. Exactly what is needed is produced! In doing so it is not important where the production of small series of different premium products, the processing of small orders or field tests and laboratory experi-ments are concerned. All this can today be done on one and the same filling machine. Whoever has to supply the market with products in different presentation images and put creative marketing ideas into practice, can do this on one and the same GRUNWALD filling machine. Thanks to the latest developments in dosing technology a broad range of possibilities is now on hand in order to conquer the market. www.grunwald-wangen.de

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