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To know all about the ongoing technical developments, the new strategic and marketing challenges facing the packaging sector, and to share feedback from professionals.

industry experts exercise their talents in design, research & development, innovation, marketing or production have shared their know-how during the 4 exhibition days.

Find below the conferences approached during this 2014 edition :

Thanks to RFID, the pallet is a hit Présentation Yann Le Roch, 4S Network
Japanese Easy & Style Packs Caroline MOULIN's Presentation
Why Europe needs France – and France needs Europe – in the packaging sector. Michaël NIEUWESTEEG's Presentation 
Packaging and shelf life : case studies and a focus on bakery products Fabio LICCIARDELLO's Presentation 
Packaging design : an emotional journey – similarities and differences in packaging Marco PIETROSANTE's Presentation 
How can packaging become the best ambassador for brand expertise ? Vincent FERRY's Presentation 
How to lose money on after-sales service? SECIMEP's Presentation

Packaging, how to attract young people ?

Packaging : what are the needs and demands of the older generation?

What innovative levers to pull in terms of generational packaging?

To get more informations about this conference, don't hesitate to contact Monique LARGE : [email protected]

From talk to action : How packaging contributes to the circular economy.


Bio Platsiques's Presentation

From talk to action : How packaging contributes to the circular economy.

Olivier de LAGAUSIE (SIEL)'s presentation



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Welcome to the world of “all4pack” – packaging exhibition and handling exhibition

The capital place for innovation for professionals in Packaging – Processing – Printing – Handling

As the production chain becomes increasingly integrated, 2014 marked the joint re-launch of two trade shows: EMBALLAGE and MANUTENTION exhibition. This biennal event was held from 17th November to 20th November 2014 in Paris-Nord Villepinte. Next meeting from 14th to 17th November 2016! Combining 4 of the sector’s key elements (Packaging, Processing, Printing, Handling) it brought together 96,500 international professionals and 1,570 exhibitors.

The EMBALLAGE exhibition, the capital place of innovative packaging

Every two years, the international packaging exhibition gathers the key packaging industry players from food, beverage and liquids, beauty, luxury, health, cosmetics, retail and consumer goods over 4 days rich on exchanges, demonstrations, and product presentation… EMBALLAGE delivers a global offer which highlights the innovation strenght of the packaging sector.

Primary materials, consumables, films / Process and packaging machines / Identification, traceability, marking, coding machines / Secondary, tertiary, packaging and shipping machines / Packaging and containers / Converting, printing packaging, labels

The MANUTENTION exhibition, the capital place for innovative handling

The MANUTENTION exhibition, organised with the support of CISMA, proposes materials and services for the smart warehouse, a perfect complement to end of line sector of the EMBALLAGE exhibition. It is also an innovative trend laboratory of a rapidly-changing and increasingly automated intralogistics. 4 sectors to discover:

Continuous handling / automated systems / Logistic services & IT systems, other services / Storage equipments & warehouse equipments / Lifting equipment / industrial trucks